For many years Caylx has been involved in various research greenhouse projects and indoor growing facilities. We have been involved in several agricultural research facilities and in the last number of years and an increasing number of medicinal and legalized Marijuana projects in both the US and Canada. Many of our customers rely on us to take greenhouse production models and apply them to this fast growing industry. We have extensive knowledge of indoor and Greenhouse growing facilities and have incorporated table systems, environmental control, Co2 distribution, computer controlled fertigation, water disinfection, water storage, Reverse Osmosis systems, and zero run-off recirculation in all types of facilities. Our design team can produce a complete set of drawings for your project upon request.


Ebb and Flow Benches - Improve production, efficiency and the environment. Ebb and flow systems are more cost effective at reducing water consumption, fertilizer, and labor costs. With water reclamation requirements increasing, plus Local governments intolerance for contaminating surface or ground water, Caylx ebb and flow benches are the solution for irrigation compliance for the future.


The trays are flooded with water and fertilizer – the excess drains off, reclaimed and is reused, cutting associated labor costs by as much as 50%. Caylx uses top quality European trays made with virgin polystyrene with multi-directional drains to provide a vertical fill, consistent  draining for any design of flats or individual pots.


Rolling Benches come complete with Quick Drain Valves, Drain Filter Bulk Heads and  Ebb & Flood Liners which are impact proof, manufactured in Europe and made of UV stabilized polystyrene.



  • The bench stands are spaced at 6 ft. along the length of the bench and are adjustable.

  • The deck of the bench can adjust from approx. 31-37” above the bench foot (other heights are available upon request).

  • The bench stands have 2'' x 6'' plates for feet.

  • Lengths 1.9'' dia. roller tube x 21' with swaged ends.

  • Hat profile top supports spaced at 12''

  • Aluminum bench ends

  • Corner Brackets for tables

  • High Density ‘Easy Fit’ PE bench corners – only 4 bolts to assemble

  • Aluminum, clip on bench side profile 

  • Bench end braces.

  • Anti-tip bracket for 1.9 tube

  • Stand Fasteners

  • Optional Trellises assembly sets:

    • Trellises’ are designed and installed every 6 feet of linear table length and one set at the end of each bench. Each set is mounted on the inside wall of each bench so there is no additional clearance required.




  • Bench racks. The upper deck of the bench is stationary at 27” above the bench foot The bench rack has adjustable legs which are spaced at 6 ft. along the length of the bench

  • Support Post and Cross Bars

  • Hat profile top supports spaced at 12''

  • Aluminum bench ends

  • Corner Brackets for tables

  • High Density PE bench corners

  • Aluminum, clip on bench side profile.

  • Stand Fasteners




  • Bench Liners include one drain sump at the end of each liner.

  • The material used is high impact proof, UV stabilized polystyrene, which is resistant towards chemicals to ensure a long life.

  • The trays require a tabletop to have a cross support for every 18” or less.

  • A cross support must be placed within 2” of a glue joint.

  • Plastic Filter included with order

  • Sealing Compound included with order

Quick Valves:


Quick Valves – are used to aerate the nutrient solution as it is pumped onto the tables. These valves are also designed to provide rapid draining

  • High drainage speed, up to 28 liters per min.

  • Automatic oxidation of the water while filling.

  • Possibility of different filling speeds by changing the inside hole dimension (4 – 10 mm).

  • Can be connected to 8 – 12.5 mm PE-hoses, or ½ to ¾ hose or PVC Pipe

Drain Filter Bulk Heads:


These bulk heads are designed to be used with a sump filter tray.



  • Machined from High Density Polyethylene.

  • 1” Tapered Male Thread

  • 3/4” Female Thread hole dimension (4-10mm)

Calyx 4x8.jpg

4x8 Rolling Tables

Eliminate the canopy loss by removing non-efficient aisles ways.  Caylx benches allow you to roll your bench tops easily to create an aisle where you need it. Caylx 4' x 8' rolling bench system is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel and will maximize the grow space in your greenhouse or grow room.


The rolling bench has a unique design: connect the benches at the end to customize the length of the bench in 8-foot increments while maintaining smooth and easy rolling. The peaked roll bars allow for easier and smoother rolling while preventing soil, chemical and water buildup that can otherwise interfere with or corrode flat roll bars.

Each Rolling Bench System is constructed to prevent tipping while maintaining the structural integrity that can hold 18 lbs per sq ft with a 576 lb maximum concentrated load (when properly installed and bearing evenly distributed weight).













  • 4' x 8' x 28 3/4"

  • Heavy duty construction with galvanized steel frame

  • Connecting feature to allow for custom lengths

  • Able to handle 18 lbs/per sq. ft.

  • Angled anchors to secure tables to the floor

  • Peaked roll bars for smooth rolling

  • Anti-tip retainer aids in preventing the top from tipping

  • Tables include assembly instructions and pre-punched holes

  • Rolls 1/3 the width of table dimensions


  • Rolling bench system

  • Angled anchors

  • Peaked roll bars

  • (Optional) Trellis Assembly

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